When SM Entertainment announced that they would be launching their own pre debut SM Rookies, the idea was met with mixed reactions from the public. On every single YouTube video of SM Rookies posted online, the top comment would always be an fx-related comment. The general sentiment from fx fans is this: In the past, sm trainees were kept secret, and this created suspense and curiosity when the trainees were revealed to the public upon their debut. However, SM seemed to reveal most of their trainees in the early stages. The upside is that trainees gain pre debut exposure and may take on projects even before their debut.

YG Entertainment (YG 엔터테인먼트)

Meyer defends himself; fired assistant Smith denies abuse August 4, at Embattled Ohio State head coach makes first statement as Buckeyes open camp Associated Press Urban Meyer defended himself Friday, admitting he was not forthright with reporters when questioned about allegations of domestic violence against one of his assistant coaches, but also insisting he handled the situation properly at the time.

Two days after Ohio State sidelined Meyer and opened an investigation into what its superstar coach knew and did about accusations of abuse made against Smith by his ex-wife, two central figures in this college football drama answered some questions — and left much to be explained. Meyer posted a statement addressed to Buckeyes fans on Twitter not long after his team, expected to be one of the best in the nation, opened practice for the upcoming season without him.

Meyer was put on paid administrative leave Wednesday. In the interview , Smith said Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith questioned him during the football about the allegations made by Courtney Smith that fall.

When MBC made a scandal for the “ MBC Gayo Daejun” music festival, some fans really took it to heart. Soon, the Internet was buzzing that the on-stage couple was also a couple in real life. Soon, the Internet was buzzing that the on-stage couple was also a couple in real life.

Wednesday May 30, A Hong Kong female singer finds herself a victim of a sex scandal when pictures of her behaving intimately with her ex-boyfriend were leaked on the Internet. Shiga Lin, 23, was shocked to find that old photographs of her with K-Chek, a relatively unknown rapper, have been exposed. On Tuesday, a teary-eyed Lin had a press conference and admitted that she took the pictures with K-Chek, who was her ex-boyfriend during her high school years.

She revealed that K-Chek was a friend of her classmate and they dated for a year before breaking up over personality differences. Lin said she agreed to take the photos because she loved K-Chek very much and trusted him then. When asked whether they had a sexual relationship, she replied: I have received a lot of text messages from my friends, but I need time to get over this. The singer went on to reflect on her previous mistakes and promised to move on from the unpleasant episode.

There are parties — including 6Wing — who suspected that this could be a publicity stunt orchestrated by K-Chek, who is releasing an album soon. However, Lin chose not to speculate, maintaining that she has zero contact with her former flame. Meanwhile, 6Wing is furious that his wife was dragged into the controversy. The rapper defended his wife, saying that he was aware of her previous relationship with K-Chek and pointing a finger at the latter for allegedly broadcasting the intimate details of their relationship just to court publicity.

Jonghyun: Fans mourn death of SHINee K-pop star

Namun dibalik kesuksesan yang dibangun oleh Lee So Man ini, tidak membuat manajemen ini lepas dari beberapa skandal. Bahkan skandal2-nya cukup membuat manajemen ini kelabakan, dan mengalami anjloknya saham yang cukup drastis. Dan ini adalah beberapa skandal paling menghebohkan yang terjadi di SM Entertainment: Grup ini adalah salah satu grup tersukses yang pernah ada.

Sayangnya di pertengahan tahun tanggal 31 juli, 3 anggotanya Junsu, Yoochun dan Jaejoong melayangkan gugatan ke Pengadilan Negeri Seoul Tengah melawan SM Entertainment, dengan alasan merasa lelah hati karena kontrak mereka dengan SM dianggap sebagai perbudakan. Kontrak eksklusif mereka selama 13 tahun dan kontrak-kontrak lainnya membuat mereka merasa tereksploitasi untuk memenuhi keuntungan perusahaan SM Entertainment dan bukan memenuhi impian mereka sebaga penyanyi.

Netizens upload alleged proof that NCT’s TaeYong and Red Velvet’s YeRi are dating!. Are TaeYong and YeRi the next K-Pop couple out of SM Entertainment? Netizens of a certain online community certainly seem to think so!

SM Entertainment is the smartest company in Kpop. It is not only one of the most successful company but also among the most popular ones. It was founded with the intention of giving people what they ask for That is how SM was set in the first place. Lee Soo Man held a survey and asked teenage girls about what they like to see. He obviously kept that in mind and started the classic groups H. I am sure we all know these are the classic first generation idols due to who Kpop could reach where it is now.

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As a result, she released an mini-album entitled Me? As we all should also know by now, Park Jin Young was flabbergasted at her decision to put so many dark songs in the album prior to the release and told her she should at least add a few happier songs however, she pushed against the force of JYP and revealed a 11 paged letter focusing solely on why she should have released the album, JYP being exasperated at her choice and just giving her the go.

There’s been lots of huffling and buffling about this case from media outlets, numerous people taking sides and for the most part, international fans siding with Yeeun while Korean fans took the side of Park Jin Young however, I’m going to show both sides of the story and take into account my opinion of who is right or wrong instead of just completely downing Jin Young or Yeeun. Yeeun’s side The power of individuality is a beautiful thing TFELT expressed herself through her own composing conveying a range of emotions that the majority of Korean idols don’t even show and I applaud her standing up to the force telling her to go against Park Jin Young.

f(x)’s Sulli explained about her scandal with Dynamic Duo’s Choi Ja. On September 26th, a press reported photos of Sulli and Choi Ja having a walk together at Seoul Forest. Sulli and Choi Ja were each born in and , and many people showed explosive reactions for their relationship. SM.

She had her marriage annulled to save Carlo Ponti from bigamy charges in Italy. She served an day prison sentence in Italy in for tax evasion. She may have been the voluptuous sex goddess as an adult. But, until age 14 she was a skinny child and considered an ugly duckling. Her nickname was “The Stick” and “Toothpick”. Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the Sexiest Stars in film history 25 Derives great pleasure from rolling her bare feet over a wooden rolling pin while watching television.

She did not get along with Marlon Brando during the shooting of A Countess from Hong Kong , especially after the day they were doing a love scene and he commented, “Did you know you have hairs up your nostrils? She performed two duets with Peter Sellers which were major hits in the UK pop chart. September 17, Carlo Ponti obtained a Mexican divorce from his first wife and married Sophia by proxy, while she was in Hollywood, filming Houseboat – and dating co-star Cary Grant.

While filming Boy on a Dolphin , Sophia was required to walk in a trench in order to give audiences the impression that her diminutive co-star, Alan Ladd , was taller than she.

10 Horrifying Realities From The World Of Asian Pop Music

But they only asked 2 questions and I have no idea what happened to the other 3: Lol when they start learning fanservice ; By: That song is like my only salvation.

Superstar SHINee’s Jonghyun was found dead in his apartment on Monday. Details on his death and SM’s statement right here. Also, we have to discuss the black hole in the room and that black hole is called mental illness.

Nichkhun And Victoria Really Dating Victoria was also said that she was in love with Nichkhun , a member of the boy. When asked about the possibility of her actually dating Nickhun , Victoria replied, “He’s charismatic and has. Letting our idols date in peace isn’t just a no-brainer, it’s plain. Victoria nichkhun dating real.

Khuntoria’s still a thing? Hello everyone, Part 2 of ” Khuntoria is Real” is finally out again. Impression can invited me to the key difference. Victoria was part of a show called we got married which is a fake marriage the everyone knows will.

Sm entertainment dating scandal

Have SM lost their minds?! Because I’m certainly having a fucking mental breakdown right now Of all things to keep up with, SM is keeping up with their new trend of a member leaving each group?! Jessica isn’t even a bias of mine, but you know what it means if Jessica is out of Girls’ Generation? It means Girls Generation is officially on the downfall. Let’s jump straight into this puddle of shit.

Bright and incredibly interesting game Heat Guardian, is a mixture of shooter, survival, horror and game process is carried out with a view from above. After the terrible events, humanity was practically destroyed, only a few managed to survive.

Recently Z gets close with a blogger. Besides, this blogger recently came out that he is gay. Z and this blogger have been in frequent meeting vehemently thus making Z receives suspicion if he indirectly hints the fact that he is gay. This is only a mere doubt but Z’s friends who heard this news confirming that he’s gay. Especially member J from the same group, “Even though he doesnt admit to that extend, why do you have to make ‘the fact that everyone already knew’ as something new?

Y is known as girlgroup visual representative. She’s very pretty to the point of being the talks among male celebs and receives their approach but turns out Y’s significant other is not an entertainer. Recently on a cafe in Kangnam, Seoul, Y was often seen together with her boyfriend. She did her best on secret date with her boyfriend such as wearing mask even though it’s in the middle of the day, according to witness account. Y thinks in this cafe she feels safe because she won’t be bothered by other people’s stare but out of all places, a broadcast insider caught Y showing her affection coincidentally.

SM Entertainment confirms Kai and Krystal are dating!

Filipino Cyber Sex Porn DVDs are sold all over the Philippines by street vendors although there are laws against commercial porn production and distribution, but nobody except a couple of prolific politicians and priests seems to bother about this multi-Million Dollar industry. Many commercial porn producers outsource their work to specialized adult business centers in Ortigas and Makati as many porn websites are designed in the Philippines.

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SM Entertainment finally talks about the biggest scandal currently shaking the world of their fans! In a phone interview, our Korean correspondent asks SM Entertainment spokesperson Dae Byeon In about the latest updates on Kris’ lawsuit!And we get the details of the juiciest information SM Entertainment could ever provide!

In no particular order honestly, who could choose one?!? Their album was the first to sell over a million copies in Korea in the past 10 years, their concert in Seoul sold out within 2 seconds, their Youtube channel was receiving millions of hits daily — it seemed they were unstoppable. But then the unimaginable happened. The shock departure left fans stunned but they rallied to his side in support.

I am doing well. Because everyone is cheering me on, things are getting better. I am thankful to all the people who are supporting me and the comments. Wu Yi Fan will always be here. Well that was the original story. During mediation it became clear that Luhan had acting ambitions and just wanted out. SM aggressively responded and have launched court action against both of the stars. SM said in a statement. Any profitable action including advertisement modelling and taking part in the filming of a movie clearly goes against the contract, and we plan to have those involved take responsibility for their actions.

She was bubbly, close with all of the roommates and even had a love interest in roommate Lee Dong Wook.

The reason why YG was so mad at the love scandal between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Teddy