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Jamie Anderson: Dating app Tinder in Olympic Village ‘is next level’

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Digital dating options Desktop-based online dating is so Although sites such as Match.

THE NUMBER of randy athletes using dating app Tinder to hook up at the Winter Olympics has skyrocketed, figures show. The Pyeongchang Games, in South Korea, began last week bringing sportsmen and women from around the globe into close proximity. And as a result, randy medal seekers have been swiping.

Life sure has changed for Nick Goepper now that he is part of the elite group of U. The year-old Indiana native returned from Sochi a changed man this week, and the explosion of followers on his Twitter profile isn’t the only difference for the young ski phenom. Garnering attention from major sponsors such as Red Bull even before the Olympics, Goepper has been quick to make the most of his sudden celebrity status by launching a Twitter contest to win a date with the bronze-medal-winning slopestyle skier — garnering a slew of both sweet and strange responses.

The reaction I’ve gotten is crazy — people are singing songs, dancing, writing long essays on why I should take them out on a date. There have been a couple of inappropriate replies and some cool ones. One poor girl tweeted that she was in the middle of making a video for me skiing and broke her arm. I’m definitely going to reach out to her. The whole video is just awkward, as she’s speaking from behind closed doors,” says the freaked out sports star, adding: I think I’m going to take the winner out to New York City — go around and do a lot of cool stuff and have an awesome day.

‘Daily Beast’ Editor Nico Hines Used Grindr at 2016 Rio Olympics — It’s a Homophobic Mess

Updated Jul 27, at 4: While the eyes of the world are on sprinters, gymnasts and swimmers rewriting the history books, behind the scenes these hard-bodied athletes are screwing each other — and anything that moves — like rabbits. Basically, the Olympic village is home to a giant international orgy. Consider these fun facts about sex and the Olympics. The Olympics maxed out a gay sex iPhone app. Grindr, a gay-sex hookup app for smartphones, nearly crashed with over , London users trying to log in to get some action.

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Mail As the Winter Games are set to draw to a close, it seems that sport isn’t the only thing on athletes’ minds with some looking to hook up with fellow Olympians. Swiping right on Tinder means the user is interested in the person whose profile they are looking at. A Tinder spokeswoman said: They can also revoke swipes, and have access to Tinder Passport, which allows them to connect with users located anywhere in the world.

Tinder first caught on among Olympic athletes during the Games in Sochi and, since then, it has become an important tool for those seeking to enjoy a different type of “performance” between winning medals. Everyone’s meeting people and trying to hook up with someone”. According to Slate, there were 8, condoms given to athletes at the Seoul Olympics, 90, in Barcelona and 15, for Atlanta in Organisers at the Sydney Games ordered 70, but had to get a further 20, when they ran out.

Durex donated , condoms for the Games in Athens, Beijing in had , and the London Olympics in had around , In in Rio, a Brazilian newspaper reported that a record-breaking , condoms were given to athletes, about 40 per person. In Pyeongchang, it is reportedly about 38 per person. As the athletes come to the end of the day competition, the pressure is off and the closing parties are beginning, along with the associated hook-ups.

How a news website sex-shamed, potentially outed gay athletes in the Olympic village

Will the Olympics adapt for a younger audience or be swept into history’s trash bin? Getty Images By Marcus Gilmer In a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press at the Asian Games over the weekend, where esports was being held as an exhibition event , International Olympic Committee IOC President Thomas Bach downplayed any hopes of bringing esports to the Olympics. They, from our point of view, are contradictory to the Olympic values and cannot therefore be accepted,” Bach said.

Some might argue that, hey, the Olympics has sports like boxing and fencing, which involve violence and weapons.

The Olympic Village is where all the Olympians stay during the Games. That means thousands of in-shape men and women are all living really close together during what is probably the most important.

I used my own picture just of my face… and confessed to being a journalist as soon as anyone asked who I was. One posed in his full team kit. Salon writer Mary Beth Williams pointed out many of the edits that were made to the original story. More quiet editing of original identifying details in the NicoHines thedailybeast story. And what dangerous arrogance, what horrifying irresponsibility, to cavalierly all but out these men for engaging in private consensual behavior.

What a prurient, loathsome thing to do to them, and to their families, especially to those coming from places Hines acknowledges are intolerant to gay people. No names were ever used and some of the profiles described were of straight women. But there was a concern that even mentioning the home nation of some gay athletes could compromise their safety. The concept for the piece was to see how dating and hook-up apps were being used in Rio by athletes. It just so happened that Nico had many more responses on Grindr than apps that cater mostly to straight people, and so he wrote about that.

Had he received straight invitations, he would have written about those. Hines himself has not yet responded.

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This is the 2nd, edited version of the original article which is deleted as well meanwhile. Identifying details had been removed. Swiping One athlete poses in his full team kit. Others post their Olympic bedspreads as their profile pictures. It makes perfect sense. After all, there are thousands of young people at the peak of their physical powers sequestered away together—in this case in a remote suburb to the west of Rio, far from the attractions of Copacabana and Ipanema.

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More video highlights, live programming and interactive features are coming to your News Feed and Instagram. The social networking giant has partnered with more than 20 official broadcasters and National Olympic Committees to host more content on Facebook and Instagram. That includes broadcasters from local networks and athletes from more than 10 countries participating in the Games.

These broadcasters will provide live programming on their Facebook Pages with Facebook Live, video highlights and degree videos from the ground in Rio. The live videos will feature athletes and other participants of the Games who can converse in real time with Facebook users. Who and what to watch on every day of the Olympics Instagram will host several channels dedicated to the Olympics within the Search and Explore section of the app. The curated feeds will feature videos from athletes and other attendees in Rio.

It’s a landmark deal in that it’s the first official collaboration for the IOC and a social media company. Snapchat’s deal to create Live Stories for the Olympics was inked with NBC — the official broadcasting partner — and is limited to the U. Facebook will host exclusive content of Olympics Games, but it won’t live-stream competitions Facebook’s deal with the IOC expands beyond its current partnership with NBC Olympics and other on-the-ground activations in Rio.

This is similar to Facebook Live partnerships Facebook has with other media brands Mashable is one of those brands. It’s unclear if those partnerships with athletes — including Phelps — extend to the Games.

Olympic Athletes Heat Up On Popular Dating App At 2018 Winter Games

For his disturbing story , Hines—who is straight—set up a profile on the gay hookup app Grindr and used it to trick Olympic athletes into chatting with him. He did not tell them he was a journalist on assignment unless they asked and described several athletes with enough detail that any reader could easily identify them. The Beast initially retracted these identifying details, then took down the entire story with an apology.

But Hines went radio silent for seven months, a public silence he broke for the first time on Monday. The article intruded into the lives of people who had a right to be left alone.

Love is in the air at the Sochi Winter Olympics this Valentine’s Day. Us magazine reports that romance abounds at the Olympic Village as many of the competing athletes hook up using the dating app.

Adam Dupuis August 11, I know when my friends and I visit a new city, we hop onto “the grid” to see what the local talent has to offer. Living in Maine, the Grindr grid would sometimes extend from Quebec City to Boston, quite depressing. Living in Fort Lauderdale, I don’t think the grid extends more than one mile. Now imagine you are in the heart of the Olympic Village in Rio, wouldn’t you want to pop on your phone and see the beauties?

There’s a difference between seeing and reporting on what you see. A Daily Beast reporter, Nico Hines, took to his trusty phone and started cruising for sex. It didn’t take long for him to strike Rio gold. Athlete profiles on the various apps during my short exploration included a track star, a volleyball player, a record-holder in the pool, a sailor, a diver, and a handball player from a notoriously homophobic country.

Olympic Village Sex Secrets Revealed: What’s Really Going on at Rio’s 2016 Games

At least this way he has a fighting chance. I wanted to find out: Basically what percentage of women I would date, would want to date me.

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This article is over 4 years old Tinder is making more than 6m matches a day around the world. Originally launched in the US in August , the smartphone dating app has since spread its blend of location-based profile matches and text-chatting around the world. That includes becoming the latest participation pub-sport in the UK, where groups of friends enthusiastically approve or reject potential matches on behalf of one another.

Users create a profile, then browse users nearby marking those they like. In the last 60 days, Tinder has added more than 1m new users in the UK alone, according to co-founder and chief marketing officer Justin Mateen, who tells The Guardian that the app is currently generating more than m profile reads and 6m matches a day. But yes, definitely not a hookup app. Previous dating apps — Flirtomatic for example — have experimented with payments to send virtual gifts, or promote your profile so more people see it.

It will be in-app purchases when we do, but anything we do around monetisation will only make the user experience better.

Woman blogs about hook-up app Tinder