Watch the MV below: The release of ‘2 Years Apart’ was actually just a teaser for his debut album that is set to be released on April 11th. Eddy Kim was discovered from the ‘Superstar K4. For those who are still not able to see his MV, scroll down: The MV features the mournful acting of model Jo Min Ho which expresses the heartbreaking lyrics of the song. Mad Clown’s intense and emotional rap is complimenting Hyorin’s husky voice.

Najbardziej popularne koreańskie dramy (2009-2014) #1

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Jan 04,  · December 15 – JungGiGo, Mad Clown, Yoo Seung Woo, Brother Su, Boyfriend’s Hyunseong, and MONSTA X’s Kihyun for Magazine „High Cut“ December 16 – JungGiGo and Giriboy collaborate for ‘Days of Disturbance’.

Creation and development Early concept art of Mario riding on a dinosaur-like animal. Shigeru Miyamoto has stated in interviews that he wanted Mario to ride a horse after the completion of Super Mario Bros. The character of Yoshi was specifically created by Shigefumi Hino , a graphics designer, with the help of Takashi Tezuka.

Since Super Mario World was supposed to take place in Dinosaur Land , Hino initially designed a reptile similar to a large lizard. Since the initial design felt out of place, Tezuka redesigned him by making a rough sketch that then Hino polished. During the redesign, Tezuka tried making Yoshi related to turtles, with the saddle actually being his shell. In his earliest appearances, Yoshi is shown as having a long neck and back and small arms.

In later games, like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and Mario Party, Yoshi is shorter and stouter, with longer arms and more human-like hands.

Dream High

His immediate family consists of his parents and one younger brother. For the next couple of years, Joon-Gi worked at various part time jobs, before gaining acceptance into the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Joon-Gi continued to audition for various acting roles, but not did not find immediate success. Joon-Gi would also make his acting debut on the big screen in the same year.

Find this Pin and more on Memes by Hyorin. Cruzamos com um meme d novo Eis q hur dur a SAM e um lixo eae men See more Funny pictures about Guido the Clown hates fun. Oh, and cool pics about Guido the Clown hates fun. Also, Guido the Clown hates fun. Lmao kid looked mad confused.

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I want to upvote times a zillion. Waste of youth smh. Young women should be even more demanding. Girl I am not surprised.

Mad Clown revela que se unió a Starship Entertainment por Hyorin de SISTAR Mad Clown, mostró una “pieza” de quién es él durante su entrevista de ‘hashtag’ con 1theK. Mad Clown reveló que.

Countdown’ returned broadcasting last night and some of your favorite K-Pop idols performed their hit new singles. Performance Recaps Here are the performance recaps from last night. EXO-K made their long awaited comeback and performed with the same energy while they were promoting “Growl. EXO are growing up because the message of this new song is about a woman who is giving an “Overdose” of love. What do you think of their return last night?

Did the camera person do a great job on focusing each of the members? Duble Sidekick is featured for this single; though, did not attend her performance last night. While NS Yoon-G is still an underrated artist, she is quickly getting recognized and showing her marvelous vocals and concepts each time she makes a comeback. The song is about a break up that occurred and how one can or cannot leave without one another. A Pink The audience are not in the mood to fan chant and scream as A Pink performed their hit single, “Mr.

[TOUR] Mad Clown & San E to Embark on Extensive ‘We Want You’ U.S. Tour

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. Stendhal A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it. They’ll tell you what can’t be done and why. An excellent man; he has no enemies; and none of his friends like him.

Cross Gene merupakan sebuah grup laki-laki beranggotakan 6 orang dibawah label Amuse a dari grup ini yaitu membernya berasal dari 3 negara yakni Seyoung, Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok dari Korea Selatan, Casper dari Cina/Tiongkok dan Takuya dari Jepang.

The Aftermath of a Breakup: The hourglass is turned, the metronome starts ticking, he pours himself tea for two and sits down on the sofa. The metronome — being an indicator of time — leads the viewer to believe that our protagonist is waiting for something. This waiting period, is something that the unaware viewer will have to deal with for the rest of the MV. We are forced to feel the weight of the passing time, just as our protagonist is.

Presenting the flashbacks against reality, makes it obvious he misses his lover. He plays chess on his own, and is reminded of the times when he played chess with her. He is slouched on the ground, limp and lifeless shining a beam of light off a mirror reminiscing of a time when she used to playfully tease him with the same object. He tries to draw — a passion that was fiery and alive when he was with her — and is unable to for his muse is gone. The hourglass is important to the progression of the plot, as it marks how much time has progressed.

Though still ambiguous, the span of this breakup has spread farther out than the viewer could imagine — making his inability to come to terms with the break all the more saddening.

SISTAR’s Hyorin and Mad Clown spotted hanging out together

Putting the wearer first made us the design leader. Broder also recommends making a list of new beliefs and affirmations that you d like to incorporate into your thinking system. A Because so many men fake foreplay. Mad clown dating service: Mad clown dating service Chat with Mac OS. Watch this video So you probably shouldn t be surprised that all those women that you re being an asshole about aren t banging down your door to be your friend.

On March 28, , Starship Entertainment announced on their Twitter account that Sistar’s Hyolyn would feature in Mad Clown’s comeback track, “Without You”. The music video for “Without You” was released on April 3,

Wildmuttpuppy Story made by me and Magiccatprincess After a lucky shot from Zombozo, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook have to go inside Ben’s mind to wake him up from a never ending nightmare. We don’t own Ben Gwen doubted that her home town would ever really change, but this was a bit extreme. She and Kevin were visiting Bellwood while on break from college and naturally had decided to hang out with Ben and Rook at Mr. Just like old times. It was nice to see how Ben and Rook acted around each other now that they were dating.

It wasn’t that different from before actually. Of course just like old times, the group had to be attacked as well. They were just enjoying their smoothies and having small talk when Zombozo and the Circus Freak Trio attacked them.

#yoon bora

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This is a fabulous album by Hyorin (aka Hyorin) of Sistar. I love the longer albums of Sistar — e.g. the first through fourth albums — but was also greatly impressed by this solo album by Hyorin, Korea’s premiere K-pop singer/5(7).

He participated in Show Me The Money 3. He debuted in His previous artist name was Vasco. He got this name from the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gamma. In July he married model Park HwanHui, 10 years younger than him. They have a son together. In December , he and Park HwanHui got a divorce due to religious differences. He graduated in Journalism in the University of SeJong.

[MV] 매드클라운(Mad Clown) _ 화(Fire) (Feat. Jinsil(진실) of Mad soul child)