Comment Subscribe to comments with RSS. CampRicco I have two battery banks. I want to be able to plug portable bank into stationary bank for charging. Should I be concerned about the inrush current when connecting portable bank into stationary bank while battery charges are equalizing. Can a resistor be added to cable to slow current while banks are equalizing. If so where in connection and what value would you recommend. The two battery packs you have are of different capacity, so you are creating a situation where batteries are going to get overcharged. I would recommend charging them separately.

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Jun 6, 41 Our Victron CCGX control panel lets us see the power from sun, shore, and battery combining to keep us cool on a hot Georgia afternoon. They only have a 15A power outlet on a front porch available for us to plug a long extension cord into, which for many RVs would mean blowing breakers or limping along without being able to run heavy loads like a microwave or an air conditioner. We should totally video this!

With our sleekly curved roof, there was no easy way to fit more than watts of solar while keeping our bus looking good. We do get asked all the time about going all-in to run our air conditioners entirely off of solar. And, well, it is possible.

Inverters and battery chargers are bridges between a boat’s AC and DC power systems. The high voltage of the AC system presents a shock hazard and can be lethal if it exists on an ungrounded case. The DC system is not normally a shock hazard but can provide a lot of current, and so is potentially a .

Electric marine winches allow you to load and unload without requiring any manpower. With a corded remote, you can also use your free hand to guide the boat onto the trailer as you winch. If you are by yourself, an electric winch can make loading and unloading that much easier. Regardless of your strength, size, or physical condition, you can single-handedly load your boat onto the trailer without breaking a sweat. How do you know which size trailer winch to get? First find the gross weight of your boat.

The winch you buy needs to be able to pull at least this much weight and more.

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You may want to choose the back of the boat where the batteries are stored. This worked out perfectly for my boat, as there is plenty of room to install the inverter there. Since I own a pontoon boat, there is no fiberglass to bolt the inverter to. What I decided to do was to use some marine grade plywood wrapped with outdoor carpeting that matched the boat.

Marine grade plywood makes a great foundation to mount electronics to, and the carpeting gives it a finished look.

Nov 03,  · Hooking up LED lights to 12V battery. Discussion in ‘OnBoard Electronics & Controls’ started by Nickpontoon, Oct 5, Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next My dad installed the lights when anti fouling the boat recently and I extended the length of the wires using figure 8 cable around approxmm which was a heavier gauge cable than the tails.

A boat battery is a very important part of your boat’s electrical system. Most boats have two batteries, one to start the boat and one to provide power for the electrical equipment. Wiring up these two batteries can be tricky if you’re not sure exactly what to do. Step 1 – Buy the Batteries When buying batteries, you must make sure to buy reliable marine batteries instead of car batteries. Car batteries are not suitable for use on boats, as car batteries won’t last long enough.

Secure the boat battery with a strong strap inside your boat to prevent the battery from coming lose when waves pound your boat. Step 2 – Buy the Wires Next you need to buy wires to connect the batteries to the electrical systems in your boat. The wires used to connect the batteries will be the longest and the highest-rated wires in your boat. You should use the type of wire recommended by the manufacturer of the boat battery. Using 6- to 8-gauge wire will ensure that the wires don’t get too hot.

5 Best Pure Sine Wave Inverters 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Used only for day sailing and minimal light cruising in northern Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Charlevoix for only 12 four month seasons was not launched in and Always kept in inside heated storage when not in the water for the four month summer season. It is in pristine condition. Two people can easily manage her upwind and down to achieve the same 8 knot passage-making speeds under sail that is possible when motoring with 76hp diesel auxiliary.

The joy of sailing the perfect boat is, after all, a goal we believe every owner ultimately seeks. Grab Rail along aft edge of Dodger.

How to Hook Up Two Batteries In a Boat Diagram. Having 2 batteries to use for your boating and fishing activities is a great choice, since it adds to the storage capacity of your battery, leading it to be useful for a longer period of time.

Although inverters are not capable of running high-demand appliances such as air conditioning or heating like a generator can, they are great for low power uses such as computers, televisions, and small appliances. The ability to chill out in a quiet anchorage and still use your computer and perhaps a blender without the rumbling of a generator is a nice thing indeed.

They do this by converting the straight positive and negative DC power to volt alternating current. Once installed inverters are relatively maintenance-free and can provide years of reliable service. A good installation, however, is important to both good performance and onboard safety. As a marine surveyor I get the opportunity to look over many inverter installations. Surprisingly very few are correctly installed even when the installation was done by professionals.

At first thought an inverter installation would seem pretty straight-forward: Of course nothing is that easy on a boat and the more you get into the finer points of the installation, the more complicated things can be. For a simple single-supply inverter powering a single appliance or outlet, the installation can be pretty simple as long as a few basic safety considerations are followed.

Bring Your Van Camper to Life: How to Add Batteries and a Solenoid to Your Stealth RV

This is easily accomplished by installing a power inverter in your vehicle. Plug the AC appliance or electric device into the power cord receptacle on the power inverter. Pull the invert cigarette lighter adapter from the cigarette lighter.

Inverter Installations: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. Published in Pacific Yachting – November The concept is simple: an inverter allows you to enjoy the conveniences of land-based electrical devices such as microwaves, coffee makers, blenders and TVs without having to .

The deep bulb keel adds stability on the ocean or during rough weather on the Great Lakes. We have cruised the Thousand Islands, in Lake Ontario and the shallow banks of the Bahamas and the slightly deeper draft of this boat did not hinder our experience or enjoyment in any way! This boat is the two cabin layout, rather than the three cabin version. Often a third cabin ends up being used for much needed storage anyways. Instead, this boat has a very large storage room, complete with a built in tool chest and shelving unit.

There is a teak bench in the shower, if showering under way you can have a seat while washing up. These features are hard to find in even much larger yachts. The forward V-berth cabin has almost a queen size bed, with a king size bed in the aft, each of the cabins have their own closets and wardrobe area, shoe storage, and lots of room for cosmetics and other odds and ends. There is stand-up room throughout the boat of 6 foot 5 inches, this includes the shower, plus forward and aft cabins.

V-berth, Queen size bed. Aft Cabin, King size bed.

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Welding cable comes in larger sizes, but is expensive as many times you have to buy a whole spool. If there is a supplier near you, see if they will sell the short lengths that you need instead. You might get lucky at your local welding shop. There are several possible ways to wire your inverter.

QUICK HOOK-UP AND TESTING If you would like to quickly hook-up the power inverter and check its performance before going ahead with your installation, please follow these guidelines: 1. Unpack and inspect the power inverter, check to see that the power switch is in the OFF position. boat, connect to the boat’s grounding systems in a fixed.

Previous topics in the series include: You never want your vehicle battery to be doing the work that the secondary batteries should be doing. The house battery solenoid needs to be energized all the time while the engine is running. If Possible Use the Fuse Panel to Power Your Solenoid Your vehicle should have a fuse panel under the hood or behind a plastic lid under the dashboard.

The male half of the spade terminal will plug right into a vacant fuse slot on most vehicles. The solenoid you buy might have a 4th connection for a ground.

Battery Bank Tutorial: Joining Batteries Via Series or Parallel for Increased Power

June 6, by Carolyn Shearlock Some links below including all Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning that I earn from qualifying purchases. Two points I want to make right at the beginning of this article: I am NOT a marine electrician and this article is NOT intended to provide all the answers you may need on the topic of inverters. The goal is to keep it non-techie! Most boats have volt DC power on board, from batteries.

how do I install a Xantrex Prowatt SW into my panel on my boat so all A/C outlets work. Shore power is what supplies electricity to the boat at dock. The inverter allows you to use the electrical outlets at sea. The inverter is to be installed in the engine room, so we will not have access to the inverter. I need to hook up three.

Outfitting a Boat to Sail Around the World: I might even make you another cocktail. Any discussion that ventures beyond the general virtues of having an inverter so I can make cappuccinos , a generator so I can run the washing machine and a high-tech spinnaker so we can sail fast will find me excusing myself from the room. Yep, exactly the same. Which is why I never turn down the chance to meet new people.

I also know that, at some point over sundowners, all conversations with fellow live-aboards will inevitably turn into a discussion about battery banks. Because life at anchor is all about batteries; they are the power source that keep everything running in our little floating homes. There is also a multitude of methods for charging your batteries, which cruisers love to talk about.

Both are perfectly understandable, considering the demands of the lifestyle. You know, the kind of conversation that endears a new acquaintance to me before I have to forgive them for boring me with stats of their solar panel wattage and how we should consider getting one of those irritatingly noisy wind generators. Should I stop working? But after spending an hour draining my brain of every mechanical detail short of a full wiring diagram for the boat, I completely forgot their real names.

Jane and John, this is Kristi.

RV Inverter Install: Four Different DIY Methods to Get off the Grid

What size generator do I need? Wen K watt gas generator — one of the best gas generators for the money. It is a form of energy that is clean, silent, and invisible, and yet so very powerful. This fundamental force is the lifeline of any modern home appliance, power tool, electronic gadget, or recreational device. The electricity that we use in our homes, i.

Electricity is used to power everything from your smartphone and coffee maker, to log splitters, trains, small aircraft, and even gigantic construction equipment.

Hook up AC/DC Inverter to a Boat Whether you want to hook up inexpensive lighting or a blender to mix your favorite frozen concoctions, AC power is often a great addition to a boat.

January 29, Been doing a bunch of reading since I posted this and it seems like I need a unit that is a Sine Wave since Microwave’s require that to work well on an inverter. The wiring to the AC Panel seems like it can be done if I connect the AC Output on the inverter to the Microwave connectors on the panel and the unit has “transfer bypass” built-in so it shuts off power when the AC is detected on.

Definitely anything with a motor or TVs and microwaves. I did similar to what you are doing on my first boat but only attached to the AC outlet in my cabin for the TV, computer, etc. I tapped the output of my main AC breaker on my panel so all AC wiring including inverter is still protected to the input of the inverter and the output of the inverter directly to the AC outlet in your case microwave circuit breaker.

Make sure you ONLY have the microwave circuit breaker connected to the output of the inverter and not to the shore power to output of inverter as well since this could at the very least affect the operation of the inverter and at worst cause some serious problems. In this configuration, when there is shore power, the inverter will sense this on its input side and will pass through the shore power to the microwave.

When the shore power is off, the inverter sense no AC at the inverter input side, switches on and delivers power to the microwave.

Xantrex Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Installation – Part 2