Contact Us Home Welcome to cityoftucson. Behind Phoenix, it is the second most populated city in Arizona. Tucson has always been a crossroads, meaning there is a great number of people passing through the city every day. Even though Tucson is geographically situated in the middle of a desert, the water was very plentiful there until recently. Throughout history, Tucson has become an important travel route and crossroad, an agricultural town center and a communication nexus. Panorama of the City Archaeologists have recently unearthed an ancient village site in the Santa Cruz River valley dating back from BC.


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Some boast rankings but dare to compare their sites to TheFilipino. It is now ranked at , out of million websites. Click here to view the data The Arizona Filipino Community is a public service information site for Filipinos in the state of Arizona. We’re not here to sell you a house or sell you a loan or refinancing but to give you information about Filipinos in Arizona.

From Yuma to Sierra Vista and all the way down to Benson. Yes, there are Filipinos there too. Here’s a brief overview of Filipinos in Arizona. There is an estimated population of 33, officially, nearing 40, unofficially Filipinos in Arizona. Filipinos migrated to Arizona through either jobs medical, military, software programming , family members or Filipinos who just wanted to have a change in weather from the cold east coast or a break from the hustle and bustle of California.

There is also a small group of Filipino Mexicans who are the descendants of the Filipino migrant workers back in the 30s and 40s, as well. Recently, there has been a group of Filipino teachers from the Philippines that have been introduced in the Arizona Educational System. Most of the Filipino teachers are assigned to the outlying areas. Some of the major hotels in the valley have also hired seasonal Filipino workers to work for their demand in the winter, as well. Each of the organizations also have their own respective gatherings through the year like Easter, Simbang Gabi, annual parties, award ceremonies, induction ceremonies, fund-raising activities, and special occassions or visits by Philippine dignitaries.

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Senior research scientist Alexander Cherkinsky specializes in the preparation of samples for Carbon testing. He directed the pretreatment and processing of the dinosaur bone samples with the Accelerator Mass Spectrometer, though he did not know the bones were from dinosaurs, and he signed the reports. Carbon dating at this facility is certainly the very best. But in , someone told the director of the facility, Jeff Speakman, that the Paleochronology group was showing the Carbon reports on a website and YouTube and drawing the obvious conclusions.

The U-series dating results are less secure due to the high uranium content and the presence of detritus, which contaminates dated sediments (travertine). The OSL dating gave uniform ages for all cultural succession (~8 m of deposits), and confirms a very rapid sedimentation rate. Results of ESR dating depend greatly on the choice of uptake model.

The fieldschool is for undergraduate and graduate students at all skill levels. The program is focused on teaching students the basics of scientific methodology and how it is applied in the everyday world, in this case through archaeological research of past groups. Preference will be given to students from underserved groups, which are defined as individuals not having adequate access to science education and its application in the real world. To apply to the REU program click here to download the application form, which must be submitted by March 13, REU students do not receive academic credit, but can opt to sign up for 7 hours of undergraduate credit through the University of Arizona summer school program.

Details on credit costs are presented below. Participants will learn archaeological survey and excavation techniques for the first five weeks of the program. For survey, participants will learn site identification, location and mapping using GPS and a total station; artifact identification, collection and processing; soil and plant identification; and artifact analysis and sourcing.

For excavation, the participants will learn mapping at all levels of the site, feature identification, the principles of stratigraphy and their application to the archaeological record, seriation techniques, artifact identification and typology, and basic laboratory procedures — cleaning, inventorying, and basic analysis. Finally, participants will be shown how by combining survey, excavation and lab analysis, a more complete understanding of human society in the past can be achieved.

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Carbon Dating Carbon dating to determine the age of fossil remains In this section we will explore the use of carbon dating to determine the age of fossil remains. Carbon is a key element in biologically important molecules. During the lifetime of an organism, carbon is brought into the cell from the environment in the form of either carbon dioxide or carbon-based food molecules such as glucose; then used to build biologically important molecules such as sugars, proteins, fats, and nucleic acids.

These molecules are subsequently incorporated into the cells and tissues that make up living things. Therefore, organisms from a single-celled bacteria to the largest of the dinosaurs leave behind carbon-based remains.

future students. The University of Arkansas has been the center of higher education for nearly years and recently joined the top 2% of research schools in the nation.

Is it a “Pig” or Not? Most people think of Javelina as “pigs”, just a desert variety of the common barnyard animal we all know so well. The fact is Javelina do share common ancestry to old world pigs and even similarities in appearance. However, Javelina have many significant differences. They have a different number of teeth, a different gestation period, a complex versus simple stomach, and a musk gland on their backs–the fact is, they are not “pigs”.

But, because of significant anatomical and genetic differences they, have been placed in separate families – pigs in the Suidae family and Javelina in the tayassuidae. Photo By CK Rairden. Sows and boars are similar in size and color. Three Kinds Fossil remains indicate there have been at least 30 species of now-extinct peccaries. They once ranged throughout the United States and northward into the Yukon. When the Central American land bridge formed about seven million years ago, peccaries soon crossed it and established themselves in tropical South America.

Today there are three living species of peccaries:

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Previous Next Age of Consent Laws in Arizona Even though you may not be a teenager anymore, you once were a teenager and are able to recognize the difficulty that comes with that period in life. Most teenagers experience intense emotions, rampant hormones, and according to recent scientific studies — a reduced ability to make reasonable decisions due to an underdeveloped brain. Some of the poorest decisions that teenagers and individuals who are a bit older than their teen years make are in the area of sexual intercourse.

What is the Age of Consent in Arizona? Many states, including Arizona, take their age of consent laws very seriously and violation of those laws has serious criminal repercussions.

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Tucson’s Stone Avenue, Courthouse in Tucson, Tucson was probably first visited by Paleo-Indians , known to have been in southern Arizona about 12, years ago. Recent archaeological excavations near the Santa Cruz River have located a village site dating from BC. These people constructed irrigation canals and grew corn, beans, and other crops while gathering wild plants and hunting.

The Early Ceramic period occupation of Tucson saw the first extensive use of pottery vessels for cooking and storage. The groups designated as the Hohokam lived in the area from AD to and are known for their vast irrigation canal systems and their red-on-brown pottery. A separate Convento settlement was founded downstream along the Santa Cruz River, near the base of what is now “A” mountain. During the Spanish period of the presidio, attacks such as the Second Battle of Tucson were repeatedly mounted by Apaches.

Eventually the town came to be called “Tucson” and became a part of the state of Sonora after Mexico gained independence from the Kingdom of Spain and its Spanish Empire in Tucson was captured by Philip St. Tucson was not included originally in the Mexican Cession and Cooke’s road through Tucson became one of the important routes into California during the California Gold Rush of Tucson became a part of the United States of America, although the American military did not formally take over control until March The Overland Mail Corporation attempted to continue running, however, following the Bascom Affair , devastating Apache attacks on the stations and coaches ended operations in August In , the California Column drove the Confederate forces out of Arizona.


To obtain independent and replicable results, and to avoid conflict between the laboratories, it was decided to let all interested laboratories perform the tests at the same time. However, a disagreement between the S. In the end, a compromise solution was reached with the so-called “Turin protocol”, [14] [15] which stated that:

Adovasio received his undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona and doctorate in anthropology from the University of Utah. He is currently the Director of Archaeology at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University.

Six infrared images of Titan have been captured by the noble Cassini spacecraft, which, after 13 years of exploration, finally and sadly burned up in Saturn’s atmosphere in September Scientists discover 10 never-before-seen moons orbiting Jupiter, and one’s an oddball The images are some of the clearest global views of the moon’s surface produced to date. You can spy Titan’s icy surface in incredibly clear detail. According to NASA , the photographs were created using 13 years of combined data from the Cassini spacecraft, acquired by an on-board instrument called the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer.

Over a vast number of flybys, VIMS made a variety of observations under different lighting, atmospheric and viewing conditions during the course of Cassini’s mission, resulting in those six detailed views seen above. These images are particularly special as previous mapping attempts displayed obvious seams between different areas on Titan’s surface — these seams have been hand processed by imaging scientists, a rather time-consuming task.

The clearest views of Saturn’s moon Titan yet surround what the moon looks like in its natural color, enveloped by haze. According to NASA, this is due to small particles called aerosols in Titan’s upper atmosphere scattering visible light.

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Mathematic Tutorials An Introduction to Scientific Notation A quick review of writing very large and very small numbers using scientific notation. Mathematical Notation Learn the proper notation for representing numbers, sets, sums, and products. Introduction to Functions Learn the definition and properties of functions, how to perform mathematical operations on functions, and then practice what you have learned.

Transformations Learn how functions are transformed and how to sketch the graph of a function by inspecting the equation.

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PY – Y1 – N2 – Carbonate is abundant in many Neolithic tells and is a potentially useful archive for dating and climate reconstruction. In this paper, we focus on the mineralogy, radiocarbon dating, and stable isotope systematics of carbonate in hackberry endocarps. Detailed 14C age control provided by archaeological charcoal permits a test of the fidelity in 14C dating of hackberry endocarps. Modern endocarps and leaves yield fraction modern 14C values of 1. On the other hand, archaeological endocarps yield consistently younger ages than associated charcoal by ca.

We speculate this is caused by the slight addition of calcite or recrystallization to calcite in the endocarp, as detected by scanning electron microscopy. Subtle addition or replacement of calcite by primary aragonite is not widely recognized in the 14C community, even though similar effects are reported from other natural carbonates such as shell carbonate. This small but consistent level of contamination supports the usefulness of endocarps in dating where other materials like charcoal are lacking.

Before dating, however, hackberries should be carefully screened for mineralogical preservation and context. We examined the carbon and oxygen isotopic systematics of the fossil endocarps to try to establish potential source areas for harvesting.

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Please enter your ZIP code for available programs. Individual online college courses Are you looking to learn more about a specific topic or enhance your skill level for professional growth? Our individual college courses can be a great way to increase your knowledge or fulfill educational or professional requirements. By taking college courses online, you can more conveniently fit continued education into your life. It is also a great introduction to the University of Phoenix experience.

As a student you can take advantage of a wealth of online resources, learn from a dedicated and supportive faculty and connect with a network of fellow students.

About. The University of Arkansas boasts a tradition unique among the nation’s universities: Senior Walk, consisting of more than three miles of sidewalks crisscrossing campus that are engraved with the names of more than , graduates, dating back nearly years.

University of arizona radiocarbon dating The samples of the voynich ms to be subjected to radio carbon dating In other words: It may well go down as the biggest radiocarbon dating mistake in history. Co2 levels fluctuated between about. Typically, traces of radiocarbon can be detected in organic remains up to 50, years old. Dead sea scrolls, first by the ams. They are also the only. Natural history museum of los angeles county.


So we thought it was about time we rethought things and set the record straight. In doing so, we took a good, hard look in the mirror. And from there, have been working tirelessly to be a more relevant, in-touch resource that puts alumni front and center.

Still University as academic coordinator (), chair of physician assistant studies (), and as dean of the Arizona School of Health Sciences () and returned as Dean of .

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